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Online payment platform

What types of online payment platforms exist?

A high-risk online payment platform is the one that carries out the transactions related to any activity considered high risk or dangerous by financial entities.

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The best online payments methods

The best online payment methods

In China, for example, it is very common to pay with the mobile phone, while the use of credit or debit cards is extremely low and only foreigners who visit this country still carry their “plastics” in the wallets. In the US, the evolution of payment methods has reached the level of creating a voice pay system.

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What is a online payment gateway?

What is a payment gateway? How does it work?

Payment gateway is a service with a software application behind it. Its main function is to create a link between the buyer and the bank of the seller guaranteeing secure exchange of confidential encrypted information, such as credit card number or CVV. In order to process the payments it is required to have a merchant account linked to the payment gateway.

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Virtual POS Traditional

What is a traditional virtual POS for Web sites?

When requesting a traditional virtual POS for a website we have to be very aware that the risk of our business will play an important role. In the market of digital payment methods by card on the website, there are 2 types of terminals, on the one hand we have traditional virtual POS terminals and on the other, non-traditional virtual POS terminals that run under 3D Secure protocol.

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