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What is portal of payment?

What is a payment portal?

A payment portal facilitates online credit card payments, creating a secure SSL connection between your company's website or browser and the financial entity that processes credit cards.

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Online payment platform

What types of online payment platforms exist?

A high-risk online payment platform is the one that carries out the transactions related to any activity considered high risk or dangerous by financial entities.

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What is PIN PAD

What is Pin Pad and why you need it for your business?

Pin Pad is an electronic device used to accept debit or credit card payments that require a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and therefore, the presence of a cardholder is obligatory.

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The best online payments methods

The best online payment methods

In China, for example, it is very common to pay with the mobile phone, while the use of credit or debit cards is extremely low and only foreigners who visit this country still carry their “plastics” in the wallets. In the US, the evolution of payment methods has reached the level of creating a voice pay system.

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Directive PSD2

PSD2 regulation: How will it affect E-Commerce?

Nothing will be as before in the world of online payments. The arrival of the new PSD2 regulations will convert e-commerce into agile and secure environment. Both buyers and owners of online stores will have to adapt to the new rules of the game. The change will be easier for users and a little more "traumatic" for some businesses. What is the PSD2 EU Directive and how will it affect transactions? Discover how will change the process of selling and online purchasing in the near future.

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