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About us

OBS E-Commerce Consulting Ltd, the owner of, is a consultancy firm specialized in payment methods, E-commerce and payment systems PHP programming. We are located in United Kingdom and have more than 10 years of experience in this sector.

Our team

  • Credit card chipConsultancy firm specialized in credit and debit card payment systems. 

    E-commerce programming

    Consultancy firm specialized in E-Commerce and programming oriented in payment systems

Our goal and ideas

We care a lot about our clients and guarantee maximum confidentiality, speed and security in the management of all our services. We offer card processing services through associated IPSPs, PHP programming services for payment systems and opening of personal and corporate bank accounts in the European Union or outside of it.

What makes us different

The difference between our company and other processing services companies is that we are specialists in payment systems and we have our own programming office specialized in payment methods systems.

In case the bank has declined your application for Virtual POS or the commissions that were offered are very expensive our company can help you. Independently of the risk level and percentage of chargebacks you have  we can to contract a Virtual POS with the best commissions for you.


    99.99% Acceptance

    We accept 99.99% of applications provided the nature of the business is legal.


    Support 12/6

    Customer support in Spanish, English and Russian, 12 hours a day from Monday to Saturday.


    Best Quality

    Free advice via LiveChat, WhatsApp, Skype, phone and email. Immediate response.

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